Hets - the Heterogeneous Tool Set

Copyrightuni-bremen and DFKI
LicenseGPLv2 or higher, see LICENSE.txt
Safe HaskellNone



CMDL.ProveCommands contains all commands (except prove/consistency check) related to prove mode



cTranslate :: String -> CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

select comorphisms

cDropTranslations :: CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Drops any seleceted comorphism

cGoalsAxmGeneral :: CmdlListAction -> CmdlGoalAxiom -> String -> CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

A general function that implements the actions of setting, adding or deleting goals or axioms from the selection list

cProve :: CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Proves only selected goals from all nodes using selected axioms

cProveAll :: CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Proves all goals in the nodes selected using all axioms and theorems

cSetUseThms :: Bool -> CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Sets the use theorems flag of the interface

cSetSave2File :: Bool -> CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Sets the save2File value to either true or false

cEndScript :: CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Function to signal the interface that the script has ended

cStartScript :: CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

Function to signal the interface that a scrips starts so it should not try to parse the input

cNotACommand :: String -> CmdlState -> IO CmdlState

The function is called everytime when the input could not be parsed as a command