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[VAK 03-763] Programming Languages (Programmiersprachen)

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Berthold Hoffmann and Markus Roggenbach


Mondays 8:30-10 in SFG 2040 and 10-12 in MZH 6240.
First course: Monday, 21. Oktober 2002 at 9:00 (sharp!) in SFG 2040.


This course introduces principles of programming languages from a practical viewpoint. For that purpose, general concepts of programming languages are described, such as data types, expressions, commands, declarations etc. By selection and combination of these concepts we design programming languages that support different styles of programming (saradigms): imperative, object-oriented, concurrent, funktional, logic und visual programming. We use Ada, Java, Standard ML, and Prolog as reference languages. Simple exercises (mit kleinen Aufgaben am Rechner) shall deepen the understanding of the subject in the way of learning by doing.

More about the contents of this course

Requirements for Participation: Knowledge of at least two programming languages

Credits: Oral examination

Diploma Exams (Abgeschichtete Prüfungen): Together with compiler construction, internet programming etc.

Material for Participants

Background Information

The folder named "Programmiersprachen" in Fachbereichsbibliothek (6. Ebene MZH) contains parts of the accompanying material and background information for this course.
Author: Dr. Berthold Hoffmann
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