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Publication type: Article in Proceedings
Author: B. Krieg-Brückner, D. Hutter, A. Lindow, C. Lüth, A. Mahnke, E. Melis, P. Meier, A. Poetzsch-Heffter, M. Roggenbach, G. Russell, J.-G. Smaus, M. Wirsing
Editor: M. Wirsing, D. Pattinson, R. Hennicker
Title: MultiMedia Instruction in Safe and Secure Systems
Book / Collection title: Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques
Volume: 2755
Page(s): 82 – 117
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Year published: 2003
Publisher: Springer-Verlag, D-69121 Heidelberg, Germany
Abstract: The aim of the MMiSS project is the construction of a multi-media Internet-based adaptive educational system. Its content will initially cover a curriculum in the area of Safe and Secure Systems. Traditional teaching materials (slides, handouts, annotated course material, assignments, and so on) are to be converted into a new hypermedia format, integrated with tool interactions for formally developing correct software; they will be suitable for learning on campus and distance learning, as well as interactive, supervised, or co-operative self-study. To ensure ``sustainable development'', i.e. continuous long-term usability of the contents, coherence and consistency are especially emphasised, through extensive semantic linking of teaching elements and a particular version and configuration management, based on experience in formal software development and associated support tools.
ISBN: 3-540-20537-3
PDF Version: http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/mmiss/papers/wadt02.pdf
Status: Reviewed
Last updated: 10. 06. 2005

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