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Publication type: Article in Proceedings
Author: Lutz Schröder, Dirk Pattinson
Editor: Andreas Dengel, Karsten Berns, Thomas Breuel, Frank Bomarius, Thomas Roth-Berghofer
Title: Shallow models for non-iterative modal logics
Book / Collection title: Advances in Artificial Intelligence (KI 2008)
Volume: 5243
Page(s): 324 – 331
Series: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Year published: 2008
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Modal logics see a wide variety of applications in artificial intelligence, e.g. in reasoning about knowledge, belief, uncertainty, agency, defaults, and relevance. From the perspective of applications, the attractivity of modal logics stems from a combination of expressive power and comparatively low computational complexity. Compared to the classical treatment of modal logics with relational semantics, the use of modal logics in AI has two characteristic traits: Firstly, a large and growing variety of logics is used, adapted to the concrete situation at hand, and secondly, these logics are often non-normal. Here, we present a shallow model construction that witnesses PSPACE bounds for a broad class of mostly non-normal modal logics. Our approach is uniform and generic: we present general criteria that uniformly apply to and are easily checked in large numbers of examples. Thus, we not only re-prove known complexity bounds for a wide variety of structurally different logics and obtain previously unknown PSPACE-bounds, e.g. for Elgesem's logic of agency, but also lay the foundations upon which the complexity of newly emerging logics can be determined.
Internet: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-85845-4_40
PDF Version: http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~lschrode/papers/nonitPSP.pdf
Keywords: Modal logic coalgebra agent shallow model PSPACE decision procedures
Note / Comment: Full version available as e-print arXiv:0802.0116
Status: Reviewed
Last updated: 07. 10. 2008

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