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Publication type: Article in Collection
Author: Annalies Baumeist, Elizaveta Gardo, Patrizia Tolle, Barbara Klein, Max Pascher, Jens Gerken, Felix Ferdinand Goldau, Yashaswini Shivashankar, Udo Frese
Title: The Importance of Participatory Design for the Development of Assistive Robotic Arms. Initial Approaches and Experiences in the Research Projects MobILe and DoF-Adaptiv
Book / Collection title: Proceedings of Connected Living : international and interdisciplinary conference, Frankfurt am Main
Year published: 2021
Type: baum21
Abstract: This Article introduces two research projects towards assistive robotic arms for people with severe body impairments. Both projects aim to develop new control and interaction designs to promote accessibility and a better performance for people with functional losses in all four extremities, e.g. due to quadriplegic or multiple sclerosis. The project MobILe concentrates on using a robotic arm as drinking aid and controlling it with smart glasses, eye-tracking and augmented reality. A user oriented development process with participatory methods were pursued which brought new knowledge about the life and care situation of the future target group and the requirements a robotic drinking aid needs to meet. As a consequence the new project DoF-Adaptiv follows an even more participatory approach, including the future target group, their family and professional caregivers from the beginning into decision making and development processes within the project. DoF-Adaptiv aims to simplify the control modalities of assistive robotic arms to enhance the usability of the robotic arm for activities of daily living. To decide on exemplary activities, like eating or open a door, the future target group, their family and professional caregivers are included in the decision making process. Furthermore all relevant stakeholders will be included in the investigation of ethical, legal and social implications as well as the identification of potential risks. This article will show the importance of the participatory design for the development and research process in MobILe and DoF-Adaptiv.
PDF Version: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/355207277_The_Importance_of_Participatory_Design_for_the_Development_of_Assistive_Robotic_Arms_Initial_Approaches_and_Experiences_in_the_Research_Projects_MobILe_and_DoF-Adaptiv#fullTextFileContent
Status: Reviewed
Last updated: 03. 11. 2021

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