Hardware/Software Integration Testing for the new Airbus Aircraft Families.

Author: Jan Peleska

In this presentation, we describe the methods and techniques currently applied in the test of the cabin management controllers for the Airbus families A318, A340-500/600 and A380. The hardware-in-the-loop testing environment is described and we explain, how an integrated approach for software testing, hardware/software integration and system testing allows to re-use test specifications on these different levels. Moreover, the concepts for automatic test data generation and test evaluation, as well as the utilisation of generic test specifications are introduced. Our approach has been elaborated by research and development teams at Airbus Deutschland, KID-Systeme, Verified Systems International and the Author's research group at the University of Bremen. Tool support is provided by the RT-Tester real-time test tool developed by Verified Systems and the University of Bremen.

Keywords: Airbus Cabin Communication System, Software Integration Testing, Hardware/Software Integration Testing, Test Automation