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»  Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler

The proofs are computer aided in order to prevent human error conducted by the scientists involved. The knowledge and progress obtained are expected to assist german enterprise in achieving a stable, internationally competitive position in the professional spheres mentioned above.

The Verisoft project is focused on:

The creation of methods and tools which would allow the pervasive formal verification of the design of intergrated computer systems.
An increase in industrial productivity and quality.
The prototypical realization of four concrete application tasks, three of which are from the industrial sector

Verisoft is planned over eight years, the first four of which are theoretically formulated and concretised. The first four years are presently approved by bmb+f (period of validity: 01.07.2003 – 30.06.2007).

To Verisoft: http://www.verisoft.de/



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