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» Debugging Embedded Systems
»  Dr. Görschwin Fey

Embedded systems are ubiquitous in our daily life where they are used to support simple tasks as well as to control safety relevant systems. The rapid technological progress governed by Moore's law causes an increasing complexity of embedded systems. This results in the so-called design gap: the design productivity increases at a slower rate than the manufacturing capabilities.
Debugging - finding and fixing bugs - is a major bottleneck within the design process. Detecting the existence of bugs is relatively well automated by verification tools. But locating the source of a bug and fixing the issue is a time consuming manual task.
The project ``Debugging Embedded Systems'' (DSy, pronounced like ``dizzy´´) aims at providing an integrated debugging methodology. The methodology will integrate automated techniques for locating and fixing bugs. This comprises the classification of faults in the design process as well as the integration of existing and newly developed debugging approaches. Practical examples will be used throughout the project to evaluate the new techniques.



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