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» Visualization of circuits and systems
»  Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler

Complex designs can only be understood, if the underlying information is provided in a concise way. In this context visualization is becoming an essential part of system design, understanding and debugging.
The company Concept Engineering develops schematic generation and viewing technology for use with logic synthesis, verification, test automation and physical design tools since 1990. Concept's existing visualization technology already supports automatic schematic generation at the transistor, gate, register-transfer, block and system level. In the first place the visualization products are used at gate level and below. Endorsement of SystemC by multiple EDA and semiconductor companies is now starting to create more demand for advanced system level visualization and debugging technology and as a result Concept Engineering has partnered with the University of Bremen to
  • explore new algorithms and technologies and
  • to accelerate the development and debugging of SystemC based designs.
The visualization tool includes many features, like e.g. schematic viewing, cross-probing between schematic view and source code view, critical path fragment navigation or object search.



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