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Algebaric Symbolic Computation

On this website we provide information about our recent activities in the domain of algebraic symbolic computation using Gröbner bases.

Benchmarks and Tool for ACEC
In [2] we have introduced Algebraic Combinational Equivalence Checking (ACEC). The benchmarks and a binary of our tool can be downloaded here: ACEC_FMCAD2016.zip (2016-08-09)

[1] Amr Sayed Ahmed, Daniel Große, Ulrich Kühne, Mathias Soeken, and Rolf Drechsler. Formal verification of integer multipliers by combining Gröbner basis with logic reduction, In Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), pages 1048-1053, 2016. (Best paper candidate). Download Paper

[2] Amr Sayed Ahmed, Daniel Große, Mathias Soeken, and Rolf Drechsler. Equivalence checking using Gröbner bases, In Int'l Conf. on Formal Methods in CAD (FMCAD), 2016. (accepted). Download Paper


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