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Incorporating Self-Service Technology into Service Designs and its Implications for Customer-Firm Relationships

Datum: 11.07.2007

Ort: MZH 5210

Vortragende(r): Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schultze (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas)

The implications of self-service technology (SST) for customer-firm relationships are dependent on the nature and logic of the service design. For instance, introducing SST into a highly scripted service setting such as booking an airline ticket is likely to have different implications and most probably fewer negative consequences for the customer-firm relationship than SST’s introduction in a customized service design would. To provide a framework for analyzing the consequences of SST in service setting where customers become co-producers, this talk will present a 2x2 contingency framework of service designs. Furthermore, it will rely on illustrative cases to analyze the implications of Internet-based self-service applications on providers’ work practices and the customer-firm relationship in the different service design quadrants.

Ulrike Schultze is Associate Professor in Information Technology and Operations Management at Southern Methodist University. Her research focuses on the impact of information technology on work practices. While her initial research focused on knowledge work and knowledge management technology, her more recent research projects are in the area of Internet-based technologies and their implications for customer co- and peer-production. As part of this research program, she is exploring the use of “synthetic worlds” (online games and virtual reality environments) as media for organizational communication. Dr. Schultze frequently relies on multi-method research designs, which include ethnographic observations, interviews and surveys. Her research has been published in, among others, ISR, MIS Quarterly, Information & Organizations. She has served as an Associate Editor at MIS Quarterly and ISR.

Ansprechpartner(in) / Einladende(r):
Prof. Dr. Susanne Maaß