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Textalternate  Stellenangebot Professur - P 663/08 -english
The University of Bremen invites applications by outstanding applicants for the permanent position of
Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence
(succession of Prof. O. Herzog)
(salary level W3)
position code P 663/08
in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
to be filled by 01 Oct 2008 or as agreed upon.
The successful applicant will represent the field of Artificial Intelligence in research and teaching. He /
she should have an excellent research and publication record in more than one of the following areas:
- Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
- Model-based diagnosis, knowledge-based systems
- Machine learning, data mining
- Knowledge representation, ontologies
- Plan recognition, plan generation
- Image understanding, video analysis, video abstracting, multimedia retrieval
- Applications of AI in logistics
- Mobile applications, wearable computing
He / she will teach courses and long-term student projects in informatics / computer science, digital
media, and systems engineering at undergraduate and graduate levels. Experimental initiatives,
didactic innovation, and contributions to the internationalization of the University of Bremen will be
expected. The successful applicant is expected to have or to acquire working competence in the
German language.
The Center for Computing Technologies (TZI), the Research Cluster for Dynamics in Logistics
(LogDynamics), and the Collaborative Research Centers SFB 637 Autonomous Cooperating Logistic
Processes and SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition are institutes of the University of Bremen. The associated
Institute for Information Management (ifib) and the German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence
Lab (DFKI-Labor Bremen) are located on the university campus, among other research centers.
Membership of the TZI is expected and joint activities with the other centers are desired.
The successful applicant is expected to take over the projects led by the incumbent, to contribute to
the university’s research funding through the acquisition of research grants, and to contribute to
research and technology transfer.
The Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg are connected through a cooperation contract; active
participation in this cooperation, in the OFFIS-TZI e.V., and the cooperation with Jacobs University
Bremen are desired.
Prerequisites for an appointment are an outstanding pertinent doctoral degree, additional scientific
achievements, experience in managing a large group of researchers, as well as didactic engagement.
The University of Bremen intends to further increase the share of women in academic employment;
women are explicitly encouraged to apply.
Disabled candidates will receive preferred consideration over equally qualified contenders.
For further information, please contact the Dean of the Faculty for Mathematics and Informatics, Prof.
Christian Freksa <dekan@fb3.uni-bremen.de>.
Applications should include a statement of purpose, academic CV, a list of publications, copies of
credentials, and references; they should be sent electronically (preferably in pdf format) to
p663-08@fb3.uni-bremen.de and by hardcopy to
Universität Bremen
Fachbereich 3
Code: P 663/08
PO Box 330 440
28334 Bremen
Application deadline: 30. Mai 2008
Stellenangebot Professur - P 663/08 - english Stellenangebot Professur - P 663/08 -english



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