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Datum: 19.11.2008

Institution/Treffpunkt: Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstrasse 4/5, Kleiner Vortragssaal [Haus der Wissenschaft, Kleiner Vortragssaal, Sandstrasse 4/5 ]

Vortragende(r): Timothy Druckrey (Director, Graduate Photographic & Electronic Media) (Maryland Institute, College of Art )

The long spell of the ‘image’ continues to defy simple reduction. After decades of convincing critical writing, the ‘image’ has sustained itself against a continuing effort to either comprehend or deconstruct its enduring consequence. By the end of the 20th century it was clear that the mere mimetic function of the ‘image’ could no longer withstand the kind of simple conceptualization that either fixed its elusive status as ‘real’ or that deconstructed its centrality in modernity or its aftermath. In this sense we can understand the “visual space” of simulation as trumping trompe-l’oeil, positing the ‘real’ world, as Peter Weibel suggests, as a sign world, in which “the eye is the swindler of the brain,” a realm in which scientific visualization and mental representation intersect in the technological discourses of image synthesis or cognitive science. – The lecture will focus on presenting and evolving a reasoned history of theories of the image, from sign to index, icon to script, from Panofsky to Deleuze, Klein to Galison…

Timothy Druckrey is a curator, writer, editor, teacher. He is living in the city of New York and known in the world of media. His interests include: social impact of photography, electronic media, transformation of representation, communication in interactive and networked environments. Only one pointer: he is series editor for Electronic Culture: History, Theory, Practice (MIT Press). – Clearly, a must!