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Computer art in the mainstream

Datum: 27.10.2010

Ort: Cartesium Rotunde

Vortragende(r): Francesca Franco (Birkbeck College, University of London)

How the Venice Biennale responded to
the historisation of computer art in the

Not many collections of computer art do exist in the world.
Kunsthalle Bremen is proud for having an outstanding one.
Another collection was donated by US-American art historian
and independent curator, Patric Prince, to the Victoria &
Albert Museum, London. As a member of the Computer Art &
Technocultures project, Francesca Franco researched this
material. This allowed her to connect the analysis to her
personal interest in computer art and the Venice Biennale.
The mid 1980s have witnessed the first genuine attempt of
historisation of computer art. A seminal example is the major
retrospective of computer art organised by Patric Prince for
SIGGRAPH in 1986. The lecture will investigate the main
points of Prince’s paper Computer art in the mainstream (1986
SIGGRAPH catalogue). How do her points connect to Venice
Biennale’s approach to computer art in the 1980s? To answer
this question, Franco will analyse two main Venice Biennale
shows: the 1980 extra show Cronografie, and the 1986 Biennale
devoted entirely to Art and Science.

Francesca Franco is a Research Fellow of the project Computer
Art & Technocultures at Birkbeck College, University of
London. As a lecturer at Birkbeck, she teaches Critical
Approaches to the History of Art. She has been on the
editorial board of Computers and the History of Art since
2005. Her Ph.D. thesis is on the Venice Biennale and computer
art. She is currently Researcher-in-Residence of compArt,
Bremen, invited by Frieder Nake.

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