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Flexible Typing in Object-Oriented Languages

Datum: 12.12.2013
Uhrzeit: 16 Uhr c.t.

Ort: Cartesium Rotunde

Vortragende(r): David A. Watt (University of Glasgow, Scotland)


In this talk I characterize flexible typing as a compromise between static and dynamic typing, in the context of a (pure) object-oriented language. Flexible typing enables parts of a program to be statically typed (and therefore secure), while other parts are dynamically typed (and therefore more flexible); the programmer is in full control. I outline how a flexibly-typed language could be implemented, in such a way as to avoid any performance penalty on the statically-typed parts of the program.


David Watt has been a Professor of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow since 1995. His research has spanned the design, specification, and implementation of programming languages. He was programme chair for the Compiler Construction conference in Berlin in 2000. He has published 8 textbooks on programming and programming languages, and is currently writing a book on information technology aimed at the general public.

Ansprechpartner(in) / Einladende(r):
Dr. Berthold Hoffmann