CASL tool set : features
  The CASL tool set
- Features
- Architecture
- Parsers
- Static Analysis
- Formatter
- Flat Encodings
- Structured Encodings
- Construct development graph


CATS is outdated now! Please use the Heterogeneous Tool Set.

The CASL tool set (CATS) supports following features :

  • Parsing of full CASL syntax (including libraries)
  • Static analysis of full CASL
  • Mixfix analysis
  • Several types of encodings, helping to interface CASL with existing theorem proving or rewriting tools
  • Formatting of specifications and libraries in LaTeX

The CASL tool set has been developed in Bremen. It contains contributions from Warsaw (static analysis), Amsterdam (ATerms), and Orsay (parsing).


Discover now the architecture of the CASL tool set (CATS)!


Download and web-based interface.


The CASL tool set is written in Standard ML.

Contact: The Bremen CASL Team (Till Mossakowski, Markus Roggenbach, Lutz Schröder, Pascal Schmidt)



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