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CASL extensions

From CoFI

As indicated in Section I:7.2 of the Casl Reference Manual, various extensions of Casl have been proposed:

They have not been developed by CoFI as a whole, but by subgroups of CoFI. For a language to be approved as an extension of Casl by CoFI and IFIP WG1.3, its syntax and intended semantics have to be documented in relation to the Casl Summary, and it has to include most constructs of Casl- respecting their usual syntax and semantics. All proposals for extension languages are announced on the CoFI mailing list, and listed on the CoFI Language Group Extensions page.

The proposals for HasCasl, CoCasl, Casl-LTL, CSP-Casl, and HetCasl were reviewed internally by CoFI in March 2004. All the proposals were then presented to an IFIP WG1.3 review committee, chaired by José Meseguer, in public sessions during ETAPS 2004 in Barcelona. The recommendations of the committee were formally endorsed by WG1.3 in September, and reported to CoFI in October 2004.

The recommendations of the review committee and the responses of the proponents are available in PDF. In short, the recommendations were to approve the proposals for HasCasl, CoCasl, Casl-LTL, and HetCasl. The CSP-Casl proposal was reviewed as work in progress, and could be approved when completed, subject to further review.

The WG1.3 Chairman, José Fiadeiro, would like to thank all the members of the review committee, and José Meseguer in particular, for their contribution to this activity of WG1.3, and to reiterate the appreciation of WG1.3 for the work of CoFI and opportunity to take part in this exciting initiative.

The documentation of the final design of approved extension languages will be made available via this web page.

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