Formalism Logic Institution - Relating, Translating and Structuring

5th FLIRTS meeting, University of Bremen, Germany, 1st and 2nd October 2005

Location: MZH, Room 8090
From the airport or the railway station, take tram number 6 direction "Universität", and go off at "Universität Zentralbereich".


Friday, 30th September, 19h:

Informal dinner
Location: Maredo, Domshof 21. Map.Use tram number 4 or 6, stop "Schüsselkorb"

Saturday, 1st October (starting at 10h)

Joseph Goguen: Three Flirtations
Till Mossakowski, Joseph Goguen: An Institutional View on the Curry-Howard-Tait-Isomorphism slides paper
Florian Rabe: Abstract Proof Theory: Combining Institutions and LF slides


Marius Petria: An institutional generalization of Gödel's Completeness Theorem slides
Andrzej Tarlecki: Software Specification and Development in Heterogeneous Environments slides
Christoph Lüth: PGIP as a prover-independent proof language slides

19h: FLIRTS dinner with a special performance by Ryoko Goguen
Location: Restaurant in the Speicher XI, Am Speicher XI.

Sunday, 2nd October (starting at 10h)

Till Mossakowski: The Heterogeneous Integration Framework Initiative, and some news about the Heterogeneous Tool Set slides Florian Rabe and Till Mossakowski: A Wiki of institutions

Closing and Lunch