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newGDPA Phase II (1999-2001)

Connecting information on software process technologies around the world

Development of an interwoven net of classified information on software process technologies. GDPA contains circa 6000 web-pages holding more than 32.000 internal and external links. Notwithstanding, this works differs from conventional information system approaches because the links and objects are treated in a abstract level, which is called meta-level.

Briefly, the information captured and organized in this phase concerns to:

Calendar of events
Information about the most relevant conferences, symposia, workshops and congresses on software process technologies around the world.

Publications on process technologies by Area
Classification of the publications on process technologies by a taxanomy defined by GDPA group.

Publications by Congress
List of publications presented at specialized conferences and workshops on software process technologies: European Workshop on Software Process Technology (EWSPT), ICSP (International Conference on Software Process), PROFES (Product Procused Software Process Improvements), etc.

Publications by Author
All the publications recorded in GDPA are ordered by Author from A till Z .

A collection of glossary from different authors and standards.

A collection of acronyms employed in different papers and books on software process technologies.

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