Download GDPA  

The complete GDPA WWW environment is available for download. GDPA was specially designed to work independently without necessity to remote calls or other on-line requests to operate it. Therefore you can access it directly to your workstation or to your local intranet.
The only exceptions are the links to the homepages of external institutions.

Since GDPA is developed with HTML pages and Java, it works with most of the typical browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer.

GDPA is licensed free of charge for non-profit use. Please read the license conditions

Steps to download and install:

  1. Download file

  2. Expand the file gdpa (Winzip=Extract, others=unzip). It will create a directory called gdpa.
    NOTE: This directory also contains the german version of the standard V-Model
    new Get WinZip to read ZIP files

  3. Start working with GDPA by opening the file gdpa/home.htm

ZIP file
Last Update Zip File MB compressed MB expanded Number of Files
10/May/2004 gdpa ca. 15 MB ca. 38 MB ca. 7300

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