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Above, the text of the button was set with a configuration option. Configuration options determine various attributes of a widget. They can be given at the time of creation, or changed later on. In general, the configuration type is just a type synonymgif

As seen above, configurations can be given at the time of creation, or later on. In the latter case, the helpful (#) operator provides useful syntactic sugar:

Some configurations are only supported by one particular widget, and thus are a simple monomorphic function. However, most configurations are supported by many, but not all widgets, and each configuration by different ones, and this behaviour is modelled in HTKby type classes. Common configuration classes can be found in the module Configuration.htmlConfiguration. For example, the text configuration is given by this class:

The class GUIObject w is one of HTK's most basic classes. Its instances are widgets and other interface elements we will encounter later (canvas items, text tags, windows). GUIValue v is another basic class, the instances of which are all basic datatypes which can be communicated to Tk: Int, Double, Bool, String and [String]. Now, all widgets can be configured with a text are instances of the class HasText, such as Button.

Christoph Lueth
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