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Marks and More

To keep track of positions within an editor, you can use marks (type Mark.htmlMark).gif Essentially, you can put a mark into an editor at a specified position (with createMark), and query its position later (getBaseIndex). The gravity of the mark specifies wether when text is inserted at the exact position of the text, it should move to the left, or the right.

There's more you can do with an editor. For one, you can also insert widgets into the text (this is called an embedded window), with the function

so you can have buttons, entries, and even another editor inside an editor (see the module EmbeddedTextWin.htmlEmbeddedTextWin).

Further, you can search the text inside an editor (with the search function), read and write the contents to and from a file, scroll the contents to a specific position, and much more as found in the module Editor.htmlEditor.

Christoph Lueth
Wed May 29 13:20:38 MEST 2002