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Figure 8: Toolkit components: Markup text, spin buttons, tree lists and a file dialog.

The module MarkupText provides an easier, more abstract and flexible way of filling an editor with markup text. For example, you can simply write

without needing to count the indices for the text tags manually. Hypertext, embedded widgets, mathematical symbols and much more are also supported. See also the example in Mainmarkup.hs.

A SpinButton is a entry with two arrows which can increment or decrement the entry's value. See the example in Mainspinbutton.hs.

A TreeList is a graphical representation of a tree structure. It allows subtrees to be hidden or shown. One popular use of this is to display the file system (see example Maintreelist.hs), but the possibilities are manyfold.

The module LogWin implements a log window, a scrolled toplevel in which text is displayed, to which the program can append. The user can clear the whole text, or save it to a file.

Christoph Lueth
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