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RoboCup 2011 Standard Platform League

July 5 - 11, 2011 (Istanbul, TURKEY)

RoboCup is an international initiative that fosters research and education in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence through a variety of competitions (RoboCupSoccer, RoboCupRescue, RoboCup@Home, RoboCupJunior) involving mostly multi-robot systems.

RoboCup currently includes a number of different robot soccer leagues that focus on different research challenges. The Standard Platform League (SPL) is characterized by the use of an identical robot platform by all the teams. Participating researchers focus on algorithmic development for fully autonomous robots, i.e., robots that operate with no external control. The SPL at RoboCup 2011 will use the humanoid robot NAO manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics, which is being used in the SPL since 2008. The SPL robot soccer games at RoboCup 2011 will be played between teams of four robots on a 4m x 6m field. The RoboCup 2011 SPL will be able to host up to 24 teams, which will be selected from the interested parties responding to this call.


All interested teams need to submit an up-to five pages qualification document that includes:

  1. a statement of commitment to participate in the RoboCup 2011 SPL
  2. the leader(s), the constitution, and the affiliation(s) of the team
  3. a statement of the team's research interests and planned activities
  4. a summary of past relevant work and scientific publications

The written material must be complemented by a video (maximum 5 min long) that demonstrates the current status of the robotics research of the team. Videos of simulation contributions will also be accepted, only in case real robots are unavailable. If the candidates already have NAOs, the video should show the current state of their robot soccer performance.

The qualification materials must be submitted by December 5, 2010, by email to Qualification decisions will be announced by December 17, 2010.

Teams are encouraged to consider joint participation. Joint proposals will be judged on combined merit.


Teams that reached the quarter-finals at RoboCup 2010 and obtained a non-zero score in at least two of the three challenges will be pre-qualified for RoboCup 2011, if they submit the following material:

  1. a statement of commitment to participate in the RoboCup 2011 SPL
  2. the leader(s) and the constitution of the team
  3. a team research report describing their work for RoboCup 2010

The pre-qualification materials must be submitted by December 5, 2010, by email to Qualification decisions will be announced by December 17, 2010.

If a joint 2010 team splits, only one team can be pre-qualified for 2011 (please, indicate which one).

SPL Robots

The Standard Platform League in RoboCup 2011 will be conducted using exclusively versions 3.2 and 3.3 of the RoboCup edition of the NAO humanoid robots manufactured by Aldebaran Robotics. Other robots or other NAO models (T2, T14, Η21, Η25, Academic edition) will not be allowed to participate. (The current version v3.3 of NAO RoboCup edition has an improved head and longer arms than version v3.2. See details and upgrade options below.)

As in previous years, twenty-four teams will be selected to participate in the RoboCup 2011 SPL based on this call for participation. NAO robots will be available to those 24 qualified teams, under a special agreement between the RoboCup Federation and Aldebaran Robotics, including the following robot distribution and pricing:

Aldebaran Robotics makes the above generous pricing offer because of their great appreciation of RoboCup. Aldebaran Robotics is also pleased to announce that they are creating an Open Source concept, in which NAO code developers will be able to share their code, and they ask RoboCup SPL participants to consider releasing their code to this Open Source effort.

RoboCup 2011 Standard Platform League Technical and Organizing Committees