We are a group of Digital Media master students from the University of Bremen. In the winter semester 2012/2013 we started with our Master Project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka. The topic was ‘Entertainment Computing’. 

We developed an interactive approach for first person video game control via a natural user interface called 'sPortal'. It introduces an improved full-body motion-based game experience, focusing on physical walking, running and jumping as input methods. sPortal facilitates physical exercising whilst playing computer games. It provides a new game experience based on customized levels created for the video game Portal 2 that are designed around specific exercises.

Our approach currently supports walking-in-place (WIP) and suspended walking as input modalities. It also includes warm-up as well as training levels we created based on selected sequences of exercises.  

In March 2013 we conducted experiments to test how the different input modalities affect the user's feeling of presence in virtual reality navigation tasks as well as how social aspects and gamification level affect the motivation and quality of exercising.

Feel free to contact our whole project group to ask us more about the project, to support us or just test our approach. We look forward for any contact!