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About the Group

Since July 1st 2004, Prof. Dr. Rainer Koschke is head of the Software Engineering group.


We specially focus on software maintenance and evolution. Software maintenance is often not covered adequately at universities. In most cases, it is just mentioned as the last phase of the software life cycle, but is not discussed in detail. In practice, maintenance is the main task that software developers are confronted with. Between 50% and 80% of software development costs are caused by software maintenance. That means that students will probably spend most of their time in their professional career with software maintenance. Our mission is to prepare them for that adequately. We want to show that software maintenance is not only important and challenging, but also fun.

Research project Bauhaus

Software maintenance is not only important in teaching. We are part of the Bauhaus - one of the most active groups in software reengineering research. The research project Bauhaus was founded in 1997. It was a cooperation between the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering. The goal of this project is the development of means to describe a software architecture and methods and tools to analyze and recover the software architecture. In more detail, the following maintenance tasks shall be supported:

  • derivation of different views on the architecture of legacy systems,
  • identification of re-usable components, and
  • estimation of change impact.

The project is internationally well-known for its contributions in feature locationing, protocol recovery and software clustering (find a complete list of publications at the Bauhaus Bibliography) and received a price at the DoIT Award 2003 for outstanding scientific achievements. The Bauhaus group also received several "Best Paper" awards. Research in our group now focuses on consolidating existing variants of software into software product lines and clone detection issues.












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