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Publications by Hans-Jörg Kreowski in 1995 (get BIBTeX file):

Frank Drewes, Annegret Habel, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Stefan Taubenberger: Generating self-affine fractals by collage grammars. Theoretical Computer Science 145:159-187, 1995.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Thomas Risse, Andreas Spillner, Ralf Streibl, Karin Vosseberg, editors: Realität und Utopien der Informatik. Agenda Verlag, Münster, 1995.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Till Mossakowski: Equivalence and Difference of Institutions: Simulating Horn Clause Logic with Based Algebras. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 5:189-215, 1995.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski: Specification and Programming (by Graph Transformation). In Andrea Corradini, Ugo Montanari, editors, Proc. Joint Workshop on Graph Rewriting and Computation COMPUGRAPH/SEMAGRAPH, volume 2 of Electronic Notes in Computer Science. Springer, 1995.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski: Graph Grammars for Software Specification and Programming: An Eulogy in Praise of GRACE. In Francesco Rosselló Llompart, Gabriel Valiente, editors, Colloquium on Gaph Transformation and its Application in Computer Science, pages 55-61. 1995.

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