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Publications by Melanie Luderer in 2008 (get BIBTeX file):

Karsten Hölscher, Peter Knirsch, Melanie Luderer: Autonomous Units for Communication-based Dynamic Scheduling. In H.-D. Haasis, H.-J. Kreowski, B. Scholz-Reiter, editors, Dynamics in Logistics, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC 2007), pages 331-339. Springer, 2008.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Melanie Luderer: Modelling Logistic Processes - The Termination Problem. LogDynamics Research Report 2007/08 1:38-39, 2008.

Renate Klempien-Hinrichs, Melanie Luderer: Assuring Strong Termination of Controlled Graph Transformation by Means of Petri Nets. In Annegret Habel, Mohamed Mosbah, editors, Proc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Graph Computation Models (Satellite Event of ICGT 2008), pages 17-19. 2008.

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