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Publications by Sabine Kuske in 2000 (get BIBTeX file):

Frank Drewes, Peter Knirsch, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Sabine Kuske: Graph Transformation Modules and Their Composition. In M. Nagl, A. Schürr, M. Münch, editors, Proc. Applications of Graph Transformations with Industrial Relevance (AGTIVE'99), volume 1779 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 15-30. Springer, 2000.

Sabine Kuske: More about control conditions for transformation units. In Hartmut Ehrig, Gregor Engels, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Grzegorz Rozenberg, editors, Proc. Theory and Application of Graph Transformations, volume 1764 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 323-337. 2000.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Sabine Kuske: Note on approach-independent structuring concepts for rule-based systems. In Hartmut Ehrig, Gabi Taentzer, editors, Proc. Joint Appligraph and GETGRATS Workshop on Graph Transformation Systems, Technical Report Nr. 2000-2, Technische Universität Berlin, pages 41-49. 2000.

Reiko Heckel, Berthold Hoffmann, Peter Knirsch, Sabine Kuske: Simple modules for GRACE. In H. Ehrig, G. Engels, H.-J. Kreowski, G. Rozenberg, editors, Theory and Application of Graph Transformation: 6th International Workshop, Paderborn, Germany, November 1998, Selected Papers, volume 1764 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, 2000.

Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Sabine Kuske: Suggestions on the Modularization of Rule-Based Systems. In Martin Wirsing, Martin Gogolla, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Tobias Nipkow, Wolfgang Reif, editors, Proc. Rigorose Entwicklung software-intensiver Systeme, Technical Report 0005, Universität München, pages 73-82. 2000.

Sabine Kuske: Transformation Units-A structuring Principle for Graph Transformation Systems. University of Bremen, 2000.

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