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Multi-View and Multi-Graph

uDraw(Graph) has built-in support for multi-view and multi-graph. With these features, one can work on the same graph in different coupled windows (views) or load many graphs in several uncoupled windows at the same time.

The user is able to open an additional view of a graph from any base window by using menu View/Open New View. This opens a second coupled window showing the same graph. Interactions in one view of the graph (e.g. fine-tuning) always manipulates the other views, too. One exception is the scale, so each view may have its own scale. The current fine-tuning mode is also set independently for each view.

A special view with additional functionality is the survey view which can be opened from any base window (called detail view) with menu View/Open Survey View. A survey view shows the graph of the detail view in a reduced scale so it is completely visible, even if the window size is changed for the survey view. The visible area of the graph in the detail view is visualized in the survey view with a continuously updated blue rectangle. When the user selects a node in the survey view, uDraw(Graph) scrolls to this node in the detail view smoothly with animation. If not desired, this behavior can be switched off in dialog Options/General Settings.... by deselecting checkbox "On selection in Survey View". The blue rectangle can also be moved with the mouse directly.

A second, independent graph can be loaded with menu File/Open.... in each view. The new graph is only displayed in the view where the load operation was triggered and not in the other views. So technically, a view of a graph is disconnected from the other views of the same graph as soon as a new graph is loaded there. For example, when you have only one window (i.e. no views) and would like to visualize a second graph simultaneously, then open a view to get a second window and load the new graph there. The maximal number of opened base windows in uDraw(Graph) for multi-view and multi-graph is 64.

More technical information about the multi-modes can be found in the application programming interface reference.

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