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System Requirements

System Requirements

uDraw(Graph) 3.1 is available for UNIX®, LINUX®, Windows® and Mac OS® X. At the moment the following operating systems are supported:

Supported Platforms
LINUX® 2.2.x or later with glibc 2.x (z.B. Red Hat® 6.0, SuSE® 6.2 or later) on x86 hardware
Sun® Solaris® 2.6 or later on SPARC® or x86 hardware
FreeBSD 4.11 or later on x86 hardware
Windows NT®, Windows 2000 or Windows XP on x86 hardware
Mac OS® X 10.3.8 or later on Apple® hardware

uDraw(Graph) likely works on similar platforms (like Windows® 98), but is currently unsupported here. Additional platforms and operating systems may be supported in the future according to customer demand. Please contact uDrawGraph.at.informatik.uni-bremen.de for information.

uDraw(Graph) has moderate requirements, so you can even use it on older hardware. Of course, the larger the graphs are, the faster the computer should be. It is possible that uDraw(Graph) will work on slower configurations or with fewer memory, but in this case the performance may be disappointing.

Hardware requirements (Minimum):
100 MHz processor
20MB of free space on harddisk

Hardware requirements (Recommended):
300 MHz processor
40MB of free space on harddisk
PostScript® printer

Basically, uDraw(Graph) does not depend on particular software, it works "out of the box". On UNIX® and LINUX®, X11 R5 or later is required. On Windows®, you need a tool to extract *.zip files and if you want to print graphs without having a PostScript® printer you should use some software that is able to print PostScript® (e.g. ghostscript).