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Graph Info Dialog Window

Graph Info Dialog

This dialog window is used to show some statistic information about the graph visualized in the base window where this dialog was invoked.

  • Height
    Number of horizontal node levels in the graph visualization (or vertical levels for other layout orientations).
  • Nodes
    Number of regular nodes in the graph, without invisible dummy nodes.
  • Dummy-Nodes
    Number of invisible dummy nodes in the graph. Dummy nodes are generated automatically in a hierarchical layout to fill long span edges at each passed level. Read more about graph layout in the concepts document.
  • Edges
    Number of edges between nodes in the graph. Automatically generated edges from and to dummy nodes (i.e. the segments of long span edges) are not counted here.
  • Crossings
    Number of crossings between edges in the graph. You can try to reduce the crossings by starting the graph layout algorithm with menu Layout/Improve All.

Dialog Elements of the Graph Info Window

  • Close
    Push button to close the info dialog without performing any action.
  • Help
    Push button to start the online help system with this page.