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Color Icons, Edge Options

Color Icons and new Edge Options

This page covers new features and modifications in version 3.0, compared to the previous release V2.1.

  • Color Icons
    Icons in GIF, XPM or BMP format are now available for visualizing individual graph nodes. A color icon is set with the two node attributes _GO and IMAGE. Example in term representation format:

    Graph with one Node using a Color Icon:

    The image files are expected in the directories defined by environment variable $UDG_ICONDIR. The node attributes dialog of the new graph editor supports icons, too.
  • Icons without Text
    The text field under an icon can now be omitted if the text of the node (i.e. attribute OBJECT) is an empty string. In previous versions there was a small empty field under the icon in this case.
  • New Edge Options
    The visualization options for edges have been extended. With the new additional values of edge attribute EDGEPATTERN, it is now possible to combine any of these styles for one edge:
    • single or double line
    • solid, dotted or dashed line
    • arbitrary line width
    • spline (1) or straight line (0)
    Example in term representation format:

    Graph with two Nodes and one Edge:

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