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Fully automatic layout

Just the facts:
Clear hierarchical graphs with horizontal node levels.
Automatic layout featuring edge crossing reduction, length and bend minimization and optimizations for tree-like structures.
Turn the graph with layout orientations: top-down, bottom-up, left-to-right or right-to-left.
Cyclic graphs are supported.

The outstanding feature of uDraw(Graph) is the automatic graph layout. With ordinary vector drawing software, you have to worry about rearranging the nodes every time you add something to your graph. That is not the case with uDraw(Graph), because all the layout can be done by software. The product provides a clear hierarchical presentation where the nodes are placed on horizontal levels and all the edges (the interconnections between the nodes) point downwards. So usually, a successor node is under its ancestors which makes the graph comprehensible at first glance. Of course, cyclic graphs are supported too, so a minimal set of arrows may point to the opposite direction. When using the "improve layout" menu, the number of edge crossings is reduced by optimizing the order of nodes based on an advanced heuristic algorithm.

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graph layout