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Improved, fully configurable user interface

The user interface of uDraw(Graph) has been carefully evolved to look more pleasant than before. A major benefit are the streamlined dialogs which are much more compact, especially in the graph editor application.

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new user interface

User Interface Configuration and Internationalization

A very important new feature is the option to reconfigure the user interface at runtime and to localize it for foreign languages. Previously, by using the API it was only possible for an application program to extend the user interface at one point by adding new icons or entries in the edit menu.

With the new uDraw(Graph), the API user has full control over any aspect of the user interface. You can start uDraw(Graph) with nothing more than the visualization area where the graph is shown. By sending API commands at runtime, you can extend the user interface in any direction: Create the whole menu structure on your own, decide if your application needs the icon plane with buttons or add the footer area if required. All of the user interface text is now kept in ASCII translation files, so localizations to foreign languages can easily be done by the customer. Currently only German and English is supported.