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Splines and Edge Labels

The new rendering engine is able to draw edges (i.e. links between nodes) using smoothly curved connections. This optional curve-style looks much more pleasant than the old style with straight line segments which is still available of course. These splines are even visible during fine-tuning when you optimize the position of nodes and edges interactively with the mouse.

One of the most frequently asked feature has been implemented in uDraw(Graph). Now it is possible to set a text label to an edge for additional information. Edge labels are usually shown in light gray, because in the current release they may overlap with other graph elements (a future version of uDraw(Graph) will have improvements in the layout algorithm to reduce this overlap). When the user selects the edge with the mouse, the edge label becomes black and is displayed in the foreground.

(Click on the image to magnify)

graph with splines