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uDraw(Graph) References and Awards

networkingfiles Networkingfiles.com has selected the predecessor of uDraw(Graph) as Networking Title of the Month for July 2002. uDraw(Graph) will be the first title in the Networking directory throughout this month: "Titles of the Month are a free listing of a title we feel is uber and worth checking out. Unlike other sites that blindly rate a title, we test these titles and usually use them ourselves."

Dave Central The predecessor of uDraw(Graph) has been awarded Best of Linux Winner July 11, 2001 by Dave Central. Summary: "Now that is a program that keeps your graphs a-flowing and the art of business a-going!"

Linux Magazine The predecessor of uDraw(Graph) made it into the product picks of the September 2001 edition of the Linux Magazine. Headline: "Great Graphs."

The following unordered list is far away from being complete. For legal reasons we need explicit agreement for publishing any links. So if you want to see your project here too just get in contact with us. The list is currently ordered by date with the oldest one first. Please remember, that most of the sites still use daVinci as the name of uDraw(Graph).

Next Generation Space Telescope NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) uses uDraw(Graph) to analyze structure of prototype Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) mirror control software. (Read more)

The University of Queensland, Australia Ergo from the Division of Systems and Software Engineering Research at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.

Mozart The Mozart programming system, which is being developed by the European Mozart-Consortium (Universität des Saarlandes, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Universite de Louvain), includes an abstract interface to uDraw(Graph).

Centre de Recherche en Informatique, France The Centre de Recherche en Informatique of the École des Mines de Paris (France) uses uDraw(Graph) in the PIPS Workbench Project as the screenshot demonstrates. Francois Irigoin: "We are glad to use uDraw(Graph) and you can cite us as a reference".

Curry project The PAKCS implementation of the multi-paradigm language Curry, developed by the universities of Aachen and Kiel and the Portland State University, contains an interface to uDraw(Graph). It is used to visualize dependency in the CIDER programming environment.

Makepp project The makeppgraph tool outputs the uDraw(Graph) term format to show dependency or include graphs of makepp which is a drop-in replacement for GNU make with many more features like guaranteed correct builds, simpler makefiles, extensibility and build cache.