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Acronym Description
PADM Process Modelling System
PCE Process Centered Environment
PCTE Portable Common Tool Environment
PDL Process Definition Language
PEACE Goal-Oriented Logic-Based Formalism for Process Modelling
PERFECT Process Enhancement for Reduction of Software DeFECTs
PIE Process Improvement Experiments
PIE Process Instance Evolution
PIF Process Interchange Format
PML Process Modelling Language
PRINCE PRojects IN Controlled Environments
PRISM Process Oriented Environment
Process WEAVER Process Support to UNIX
ProcessWeb Process Support for the World Wide Web
PROFES PROduct Focused improvement of Embedded Software processes
PROMISE Business Process Re-engineering with Object-Oriented Methodology for Information System Engineering
PROMOTER PROcess MOdeling TEchniques Basic Research
PSEE Process-Centered Software Engineering Environment,
Process-Sensitive Software Engineering Environment
PSP Personal Software Process
PSS-05 ESA Software Engineering Standard
PWI ProcessWise Integrator

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