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    /Bertolino, 2000/ Deriving Test Plans from Architectural Descriptions
    /Harrold, 2000/ Testing: A Roadmap
    /Kim, 2000/ An Empirical Study of Regression Test Application Frequency
    /Leon, 2000/ Multivariate Visualization in Observation-Based Testing
    /Labiche, 2000/ Testing Levels for Object-Oriented Software
    /Rothermel, 2000/ WYSIWYT Testing in the Spreadsheet Paradigm: An Empirical Evaluation

    /Gargantini, 1999/ Using Model Checking to Generate Tests from Requirements Specifications

    /Frankl, 1998/ Further Empirical Studies of Test Effectiveness
    /Gupta N., 1998/ Automated Test Data Generation Using An Iterative Relaxation Model


    ADLT - Assertion Definition Language Translator
    LPV - Linear Programming based software Validation technology
    Temporal-Rover - formal specification and testing
    VeriSoft - model checking tool

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