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Types of Systems: Real-time systems

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    /Dang, 2000/ Three Approximation Techniques for ASTRAL Symbolic Model Checking of Infinite State Real-time System
    /Kopetz, 2000/ Software Engineering for Real-time: A Roadmap
    /Theaker, 2000/ The introduction and evaluation of object orientation in a company developing real-time embedded systems

    /Braberman, 1999/ Verification of Real Time Designs: Combining Scheduling Theory with Automatic Formal Verification
    /Gafni, 1999/ Robots: A Real-Time Systems Architectural Style
    /Zoli, 1999/ Configuration Management for multi-site co-operative Development of real-time Software

    /Choi, 1995a/ The Specification and Schedulability Analysis of Real-Time Systems using ACSR

    /Shumate, 1992/ Software Specification and Design - A Disciplined Approach for Real-Time Systems

    /Hatley, 1987/ Strategies for Real-Time System Specification

    /Ward, 1985/ Structured Development for Real-Time Systems


    ACSR - Algebra of Communicating Shared Resources
    DC - Duration Calculus
    Kronos - verification tool
    PARAGON - visual specification and verification of real-time systems
    RAISE Method
    TRIO - tools for real-time systems
    TTM/RTTL - framework for real-time reactive systems
    UPPAAL - verification and validation tools for real-time systems
    VeriSoft - model checking tool

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