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Development Phases: Verification - Model Checking

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    /Bultan, 2000/ Action Language: A Specification Language for Model Checking Reactive Systems
    /Corbett, 2000a/ Bandera: A Source-level Interface for Model Checking Java Programs
    /Dang, 2000/ Three Approximation Techniques for ASTRAL Symbolic Model Checking of Infinite State Real-time System

    /Gargantini, 1999/ Using Model Checking to Generate Tests from Requirements Specifications

    /Alur, 1998/ Model Checking of Hierarchical State Machines
    /Dwyer, 1998/ Filter-based Model Checking of Partial Systems


    Kronos - verification tool
    SGM - State Graph Manipulator
    SPIN - is an automated verification tool
    UPPAAL - verification and validation tools for real-time systems
    VeriSoft - model checking tool

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