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    Process Modeling


    /Becker-Kornstaedt, 2001a/ Towards Systematic Knowledge Elicitation for Descriptive Software Process Modeling
    /Scott, 2001/ An Evaluation of the Spearmint Approach to Software Process Modelling

    /Becker-Kornstaedt, 2000/ Descriptive Process Modelling in an Industrial Environment: Experience and Guidelines
    /Oquendo, 2000/ Overcoming Inadequacies in Process Modelling: The Need for Decisioning be a First-Class Citizen
    /Podnar, 2000/ SDL Based Approach to Software Process Modelling

    /Andelfinger, 1999/ Prozeßmodellierung in der industriellen Praxis. Vorgehensweise, Ergebnisse und Erfahrungen
    /Chatters, 1999a/ Modelling a Software Evolution Process
    /Franch, 1999/ Some Reflections in the Modelling of Software Processes
    /Godart, 1999/ Modelling and Enacting Process: Some Difficulties
    /Jäger, 1999/ Using UML for Software Process Modeling
    /Joeris, 1999/ Flexible and High-Level Modeling and Enacting of Processes
    /Matsushita, 1999/ Modeling Framework and Supporting System for Process Assessment Documents
    /Ramil, 1999b/ Modelling Process Dynamics in Software Evolution Processes - Some Issues
    /Rossi, 1999/ Moving Towards Modelling Oriented Software Process Engineering: A Shift from Descriptive to Prescriptive Process Modelling
    /Schleicher, 1999b/ High-Level Modeling of Development Processes
    /Tiako, 1999/ PSEEs Modelling for Supporting and Improving Collaborative Joint Software Development Process
    /Tiako, 1999b/ Modelling Trusted Process Components for Distributed Software Development

    /Dami, 1998/ APEL : a Graphical Yet Executable Formalism For Process Modeling
    /Grundy, 1998/ Serendipity: integrated environment support for process modelling, enactment and work coordination
    /Jäger, 1998/ Modeling Dynamic Software Processes in UML
    /Joeris, 1998b/ Towards Object-Oriented Modeling and Enacting of Processes
    /Koskinen, 1998/ Developing a Customizable Process Modelling Environment: Lessons Learnt and Future Prospects
    /Östereich, 1998/ Prozeßmodellierung mit Hilfe von UML-Aktivitätsdiagrammen für die inkrementell-iterative, anwendungsfallgetriebene und architekturzentrierte Anwendungsentwicklung
    /Rossi, 1998/ Practical Approach to Software Process Modelling Language Engineering
    /Tiako, 1998/ Process Modeling to Federate PCEs: Basic Concepts and Perspectives
    /Verlage, 1998b/ Modellierung für Vorgehensmodelle
    /Wernick, 1998/ Software Process White Box Modelling for FEAST/1

    /Becker-Kornstaedt, 1997a/ Das Werkzeug MoST zur Entwicklung von Prozeßmodellen
    /Becker-Kornstaedt, 1997b/ Descriptive Modeling of Software Processes
    /Becker-Kornstaedt, 1997c/ MVP-E: A Process Modeling Environment
    /Gates, 1997/ An Example Process Guide: Process Guide for a Descriptive Modeling Process
    /Lehman, 1997/ Process Modelling - Where Next?
    /Verlage, 1997a/ Experience with Software Process Modeling
    /Wang A., 1997/ Exercise in process modeling
    /Webby, 1997/ Towards a Logical Schema Integrating Software Process Modeling and Software Measurement

    /Alloui, 1996a/ A Multi-Agent Approach for Modelling, Enacting and Evolving Distributed Cooperative Software Processes
    /Avrilionis, 1996b/ Improving Software Process Modelling and Enactment Techniques
    /Emmerich, 1996/ Fine Grained Process Modelling: An Experiment at Brittish Airways
    /Matsinger, 1996/ Process Modelling and Measurements in an Industrial Environment
    /Montangero, 1996/ Applying refinement calcull to software process modelling
    /Zelkowitz, 1996/ Modeling Software Engineering Environment Capabilities

    /Larsen, 1995/ Transaction Technology for Process Modeling
    /Robertson, 1995/ Process Modelling Case Studies: a Tentative Characterisation
    /Totland, 1995/ A Survey and Classification of Some Research Areas Relevant to Software Process Modeling

    /Anderson M., 1994/ The Nature of the Software Process Modelling Problem is Evolving
    /Arbaoui, 1994/ Goal Oriented vs. Activity Oriented Process Modelling
    /Arbaoui, 1994b/ PEACE: Goal-Oriented Logic-Based Formalism for Process Modelling
    /Bruynooghe, 1994/ PADM: Towards a Total Process Modelling System
    /Conradi, 1994a/ A Comparison of Modelling Frameworks for Software Processes and Information Systems
    /Conradi, 1994c/ EPOS: Object-Oriented and Cooperative Process Modelling
    /Derniame, 1994/ Directions in Software Process Modelling and Technology: A Preface
    /Greenwood, 1994/ Modelling Processes with Constraints
    /Heineman, 1994/ Process Modelling with Cooperative Agents
    /Inuoue, 1994/ Modeling Method for Management Process and Its Application to CMM and ISO9000-3
    /Phalp, 1994/ A Pragmatic Approach to Process Modelling
    /Rodden, 1994/ Process Modelling and Development Practice
    /Sa, 1994/ Modelling Processes Using a Stepwise Refinement Technique
    /Starke, 1994/ Why is Process Modelling so Difficult?
    /Verlage, 1994/ Multi-View Modelling of Software Processes

    /Bandinelli, 1993a/ Modelling-in-the-large with SLANG
    /Barghouti, 1993a/ An open environment for process modelling and enactment
    /Belkhatir, 1993a/ TEMPO: enhancing paradigm for modelling software engineering processes

    /Benali, 1992/ Software Process Modelling: What, Who and When
    /Bourdon, 1992/ Impact of the Supported Coordination Levels on Process Modelling
    /Conradi, 1992b/ Design, Use, and Implementation of SPELL, a Language for Software Process Modeling and Evolution
    /Curtis, 1992/ Process Modelling
    /Favaro, 1992/ Process Modelling at the European Space Agency
    /Galle, 1992/ Applying Process Modelling
    /Jaccheri, 1992/ Software Process Modeling and Evolution in EPOS
    /Kawalek, 1992/ The Process Modelling Cookbook: Orientation, Description, Experience
    /Starke, 1992/ SA/CM/IM for Process Modelling

    /Conradi, 1991/ Process Modeling Paradigms: An Evaluation
    /Emmerich, 1991a/ Merlin: a Knlowledge-based process modeling
    /Kellner, 1991a/Software Process Modeling Support for Management Planning and Control
    /Kellner, 1991b/Multi-Paradigm Approaches for Software Process Modeling
    /Liu, 1991/ Process modeling paradigms: An evaluation
    /Mi, 1991/ Modeling Articulation Work in Software Engineering Processes
    /Saeki, 1991/ A Method for Software Process Modeling and Description using LOTOS
    /Warboys, 1991/ The Practical Application of Process Modelling: Some Early Reflections

    /Diamant, 1990/ Process Modeling in HP Softbench
    /Hubert, 1990/ Eureka Software Factory: OPIUM, an environment for software process modeling integrated with a project management tool
    /Kellner, 1990a/ Software Process Modeling Example Problem
    /Kellner, 1990c/ Supporting software processes through software process modeling

    /Finkelstein, 1989a/ An example of software development modelling
    /Kellner, 1989a/ Software process modelling example
    /Wileden, 1989/ Experiments with typing in process modelling

    /Ashok, 1988/ Process modelling in software environments
    /Kellner, 1988/ Representation formalisms for software process modeling

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