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Process Enactment

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    Process Enactment


    /Godart, 1999/ Modelling and Enacting Process: Some Difficulties
    /Goldmann, 1999/ MILOS: A Model of Interleaved Planning, Scheduling, and Enactment
    /Joeris, 1999/ Flexible and High-Level Modeling and Enacting of Processes

    /Alloui, 1998a/ ItascaFlow: An Active Database Framework for Adaptive Workflow Process Modelling, Enactment and Interoperability
    /Grundy, 1998/ Serendipity: integrated environment support for process modelling, enactment and work coordination
    /Joeris, 1998b/ Towards Object-Oriented Modeling and Enacting of Processes

    /Alloui, 1996a/ A Multi-Agent Approach for Modelling, Enacting and Evolving Distributed Cooperative Software Processes
    /Andreoli, 1996/ Process Enactment and Coordination
    /Avrilionis, 1996a/ A Unified Framework for Software Process Enactement and Improvement
    /Avrilionis, 1996b/ Improving Software Process Modelling and Enactment Techniques
    /Kaiser, 1996a/ A Metalinguistic Approach to Process Enactment Extensibility

    /Leonhardt, 1995/ Decentralised Process Enactment in a Multi-perspective Development Environment
    /Lott, 1995/ The Use of Roles and Measurement to Enact Project Plans in MVP-S

    /Bandinelli, 1994d/ SPADE: An Environment for Software Process Analysis, Design and Enactment
    /Barghouti, 1994b/ Separating process model enactment from process execution in Provence
    /Berrington, 1995/ Distribution and Change: Investigating Two Challenges for Process Enactment Systems
    /Dowson, 1994/ Towards Requirements for Enactment Mechanisms
    /Jamart, 1994/ A Reflective Approach to Process Model Customization, Enactment and Evolution
    /Perry, 1994b/ Enactment Control in Interact/Intermediate

    /Arbaoui, 1993a/ Managing inconsistencies between process enactment and process performance states
    /Barghouti, 1993a/ An open environment for process modelling and enactment
    /Dowson, 1993/ Towards requirements for enactment mechanisms
    /Feiler, 1993/ Software Process Development and Enactment: Concepts and Definitions

    /Bandinelli, 1992/ Process Enactment in SPADE

    /Bruynooghe, 1991/ PSS: A System for Process Enactment
    /Fernström, 91/ Integration needs in process Enacted Environments
    /Oquendo, 1991/ The Masp approach to software description, instantiation and enaction

    /Kellner, 1989/ Experience with enactable software process models

    /Krzanik, 1988/ Enactable models for quantitative evolutionary software processes
    /Osterweil, 1988/ Automated Support for the Enactment of Rigourously described Software Processes

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