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    Process Model


    /Martin R., 2000/ A Model of the Software Development Process Using Both Continuous and Discrete Models
    /Turgeon, 2000/ View-based vs traditional modeling approaches: which is better?

    /Fischer_C, 1999/ Introduction of a Process Model for Object-Oriented, Component-Oriented Software Development at AXIOMA Information Systems
    /Ramampiaro, 1999/ Agent-based groupware: Challenges for cooperative transaction models
    /Weske, 1999/ A Reference Model for Workflow Application Development Processes

    /Jaccheri, 1998/ Eliciting Software Process Models with the E3 Language

    /Becker-Kornstaedt, 1997a/ Das Werkzeug MoST zur Entwicklung von Prozeßmodellen

    /Christie, 1996/ A Reference Model for Process Technology
    /Hesse, 1996b/ From WOON to EOS: New development methods require a new software process model
    /Madhavji, 1996/ A system for evaluating the congruence of software process models
    /Turgeon, 1996/ A Systematic, View-based Approach to Eliciting Process Models
    /Snowdon, 1996/ Active Models and Process Support

    /Brinkkemper, 1995/ Configuration of Situational Process Models: an Information Systems Engineering Perspective
    /Chroust, 1995/ Interpretable Process Models for Software Development and Workflow
    /Conradi, 1995a/ PSEE Architecture: EPOS process models and tools
    /Gresse, 1995/ A Process Model for Planning GQM-based Measurement
    /Sa, 1995/ A Reflexive Formal Software Process Model

    /Chroust, 1994/ Navigation in Process Models
    /Madhavji, 1994/ Elicit: An Empirically Improved Method for Eliciting Process Models
    /Stotts, 1994/ Process models as multi-reader collaborative hyperdocuments
    /Studer, 1994/ Das MIKE-Prozeßmodell

    /Bourdon, 1993/ Building process models using PROCESS WEAVER: A progressive approach
    /Conradi, 1993a/ Variability of Process Models and Processes, and the EPOS Solution
    /Culver-Lozo, 1993a/ Transferring a process model to a software development organization: a case study
    /El Eman, 1993/ Empirically Driven Improvement of Generic Process Models
    /Suzuki, 1993/ A formal model of re-execution in software process

    /Belkhatir, 1992/ The Object Role Software Process Model
    /Chroust, 1992/ Modelle der Software-Entwicklung
    /Keller R., 1992/ A Comprehensive Process Model for Discussing and Recording Scientific Papers

    /Katayama, 1991/ What has been learned from applying a formal process model to a real-process
    /Suzuki, 1991/ Meta-Operations in the Process Model HFSP for the Dynamics and Flexibility of Software Processes

    /Humphrey, 1990/ People considerations in process models
    /Redwine, 1990/ Organizational properties and software process models
    /Rueher, 1990/ Formalizing operations and relationships on objects to support dynamic refinement of process models instances

    /Cheatham, 1989/ Process programming and process models
    /Lehman, 1989/ The role of process models in software and systems development and evolution
    /Matsumoto, 1989/ A software process model based on unit overload network
    /Matsumoto, 1989a/ An example of a software process model based on Unit workload network
    /Penedo, 1989/ Acquiring experiences with executable process models

    /Chroust, 1988/ Duplicate instances of elements of a software process model
    /Hitchcock, 1988/ The process model of the aspect IPSE
    /Huff, 1988a/ Probing limits to automation: towards deeper process models
    /Notkin, 1988/ Applying software process models to the full lifecycle is premature
    /Perry, 1988/ Problems of scale and process models
    /Phillips, 1988/ State change architecture: a protocol for executable process models
    /Sutton W.L., 1988/ Advanced models of the software process
    /Tully, 1988b/ Software process models and programs: observations on their nature and context

    /Lehman, 1987/ Process Models, Process Programs, Programming Support - Invited Response To A Keynote Address By Lee Osterweil

    /Tully, 1986/ Software process model and iteration

    /Tully, 1984/ System development models

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