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CSCW - Computer Supported Coorperative Work

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    /Alloui, 1999/ To be consistent or not to be consistent in cooperative software processes, that is the question
    /Ramampiaro, 1999/ Agent-based groupware: Challenges for cooperative transaction models
    /Wang A., 1999/ A Multi-Agent Architecture for Cooperative Software Engineering

    /Alloui, 1998b/ Managing consistency in cooperating software processes
    /Wang A., 1998/ Improving Cooperation Support in the EPOS CM System

    /Alloui, 1996a/ A Multi-Agent Approach for Modelling, Enacting and Evolving Distributed Cooperative Software Processes
    /Bandinelli, 1996/ Supporting cooperation in the SPADE-1 Environment

    /DiNitto, 1995/ Integrating process technology and CSCW

    /Conradi, 1994c/ EPOS: Object-Oriented and Cooperative Process Modelling
    /Dewan, 1994/ Relations between CSCW and software process research: a position statement
    /Engels, 1994b/ SOCCA: Specifications of Coordinated and Cooperative Activities
    /Belkhatir, 1994b/ The need for a cooperative model: the adele/ tempo experience
    /Junkermann, 1994/ MERLIN: Supporting Cooperation in Software Development through a Knowlege-based Environment

    /Iida, 1993/ Hakoniwa: Monitor and Navigation System for Cooperative Development based on Activity Sequence Model

    /Barghouti, 1992/ Supporting Cooperation in the Marvel Process-Centered SDE

    /Oquendo, 1991b/ Supporting Software Process Communication and Cooperation through Object Sets
    /Perry, 1991/ Policy-directed coordination and cooperation
    /Peuschel, 1991/ A Consistency Model for Team Cooperation

    /Cohen, 1990/ A logical framework for cooperative software development
    /Minski, 1990/ Supporting coordination and cooperation in software processes

    /Finkelstein, 1989/ A structural framework for the formal representation of cooperation

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