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    Process Evolution


    /Greenwood, 2001/ Reflection and Reification in Process System Evolution: Experience and Opportunity
    /Lepasaar, 2001/ Models and Success Factors of Process Change

    /Bennett, 2000/ Software Maintenance and Evolution: A Roadmap
    /Beydeda, 2000/ Advanced Services for Process Evolution: Monitoring and Decision Support
    /Greenwood, 2000/ A Support Framework for Dynamic Organizations
    /Lehman, 2000a/ Approach to a Theory of Software Process and Software Evolution
    /Lehman, 2000b/ Rules and Tools for Software Evolution and Management
    /Rausch, 2000/ Software Evolution in Componentware Using Requirements/Assurances Contracts

    /Aberer, 1999/ Workflow Systems Evolution in Response to Changing Organizational Requirements. Blending Coordination with Market-based Cooperation
    /Chatters, 1999a/ Modelling a Software Evolution Process
    /Ernst, 1999/ Dynamically Discovering Likely Program Invariants to Support Program Evolution
    /Greenwood, 1999/ An evolutionary approach to Process System Development
    /Medvidovic, 1999/ A Language and Environment for Architecture-Based Software Development and Evolution
    /Ramil, 1999a/ Challenges facing Data Collection for Support and Study of Software Evolution Processes
    /Ramil, 1999b/ Modelling Process Dynamics in Software Evolution Processes - Some Issues
    /Ramos, 1999/ The Dynamic Models for Software Development Projects and the Machine Learning Techniques

    /Andreoli, 1998/ A Coordination System Approach to Software Workflow Process Evolution
    /Conradi, 1998a/ Planning Support to Software Process Evolution
    /Jäger, 1998/ Modeling Dynamic Software Processes in UML
    /Joeris, 1998a/ Managing Evolving Workflow Specifications
    /Lehman, 1998b/ On Evidence Supporting the FEAST Hypothesis and the Laws of Software Evolution
    /Nguyen, 1998/ Total Software Process Model Evolution in EPOS

    /Joeris, 1997c/ Dynamical and Distributed Process Management based on Agent Technology
    /Nguyen, 1997/ Total Software Process Model Evolution in EPOS (Experience Report)

    /Alloui, 1996a/ A Multi-Agent Approach for Modelling, Enacting and Evolving Distributed Cooperative Software Processes
    /Kaba, 1996/ Modelling Processes for Change: Basic Mechanisms for Evolving Process Fragments
    /Kellner, 1996/ A method for designing, defining and evolving software process
    /Lehman, 1996a/ Laws of Software Evolution Revisited
    /Nguyen, 1996/ Towards a Rigorous Approach for Managing Process Evolution

    /Kaba, 1995/ Transients Change Processes in Process Centered Environments

    /Bandinelli, 1994a/ Policies and Mechanisms to Support Process Evolution in PSEEs
    /Berrington, 1995/ Distribution and Change: Investigating Two Challenges for Process Enactment Systems
    /Conradi, 1994b/ Concepts for Evolving Software Process
    /Hesse, 1994a/ Ein Modell für evolutionäre, objektorientierte Software-Entwicklung
    /Jamart, 1994/ A Reflective Approach to Process Model Customization, Enactment and Evolution
    /Lehman, 1994/ Evolution, Feedback and Software Technology
    /Lehman, 1994a/ Feedback in the Software Evolution Process

    /Bandinelli, 1993c/ Software Process Model Evolution in trhe SPADE Environment
    /Conradi, 1993b/ Customization and Evolution of Process Models in EPOS
    /Conradi, 1993c/ Resume from Session on Process Change
    /Dowson, 1993b/ Process variables and process change
    /Jaccheri, 1993/ Techniques for Process Model Evolution in EPOS

    /Arbaoui, 1992/ PEACE: Describing and Managing Evolving Knowledge in the Software Process
    /Conradi, 1992b/ Design, Use, and Implementation of SPELL, a Language for Software Process Modeling and Evolution
    /Jaccheri, 1992/ Software Process Modeling and Evolution in EPOS
    /Jaccheri, 1992b/ Initial Requirements for E3: An Environment for Experimenting and Evolving Software Process
    /Snowdon, 1992/ An Example of Process Change

    /Huff, 1991/ Supporting change in plan-based processess
    /Mi, 1991b/ Articulation: Supporting Dynamic Evolution of Software Engineering Processes
    /Suzuki, 1991/ Meta-Operations in the Process Model HFSP for the Dynamics and Flexibility of Software Processes

    /Rueher, 1990/ Formalizing operations and relationships on objects to support dynamic refinement of process models instances

    /Carr, 1989/ System dynamics models of software development
    /Katayama, 1989/ Mechanisms for software process dynamics
    /Lehman, 1989/ The role of process models in software and systems development and evolution
    /Roberts, 1989/ Dynamics of process models in PML

    /Krzanik, 1988/ Enactable models for quantitative evolutionary software processes
    /Scacchi, 1988/ Modelling software evolution: a knowledge-based approach

    /Schwartz, 1987/ Software Evolution Management: An Integrated Discipline for Managing Software

    /Lehman, 1986/ Modes of evolution
    /Schwartz, 1986/ Software evolution management

    /Lehman, 1985a/ Software Evolution - Processes of Software Change
    /Minski, 1985/ What should we do about the evolution of software
    /Perry, 1985/ Tools for evolving software

    /Kramer, 1984/ Environment requirements for system evolution

    /Lehman, 1980/ Programs, life cycles and laws of software evolution

    /Bauer, 1976/ Programming as an Evolutionary Process
    /Lehman, 1976/ Program Evolution and Its Impact on Software Engineering

    /Lehman, 1972/ An Introduction to Growth Dynamics

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