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    Austrian Standards:
    /Freitter, 1999/ Bundesvorgehensmodell IT-BVM

    German Standards:
    /AU 220/ Regulations for Planning, Development, Procurement, Introduction and Application of Armed Material and Data Processing Projects
    /VM 1990/ Software-Entwicklungsstandard der Bundeswehr. AU250 Version 2.0. 1990
    /VM 1992/ V-Model 92, Lifecycle Process Model. Developing Standard for IT Systems of the Federal Republic of Germany. General Directive No. 250. August 92
    /VM 1997/ V-Model 97, Lifecycle Process Model. Developing Standard for IT Systems of the Federal Republic of Germany. General Directive No. 250. June 97
    /Schuppan, 2000/ A CMM-Based Evaluation of the V-Model 97

    ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) standards:
    /ECSS E 40, 1999/ ECSS E 40 - Software Engineering Standards
    /ECSS Q 80, 1996/ ECSS-Q80 - Software Product Assurance Standard

    European Space Agency standards:
    /ESA, 1991/ PS-005 Software Engineering Standards

    IEEE standards:
    /IEEE 610.12, 1990/ IEEE-STD 610.12-1990 - Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology, 1990
    /IEEE 982.2/ IEEE-STD 982.2-1988 - IEEE Guide for the Use of IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures to Produce Reliable Software, 1988
    /IEEE 1028, 1988/ IEEE-STD 1028-1988 - IEEE Standard for Software Reviews and Audits, 1988
    /IEEE 1074, 1995/ IEEE 1074-1995 - IEEE Standard for Developing Software Lifecycle Processes
    /IEEE 1220, 1994/ IEEE-STD 1220-1994 - Trial Use Standard for Aplication Management of the Systems Engineering Process
    /IEEE 1484, 1999/ IEEE 1484, 1999 - Learning Technology Systems Architecture (LTSA), Draft 5

    ISO standards:
    /ISO 8402-1, 1991 Quality management and quality assurance -Vocabulary
    /ISO 9000, 1990/ Quality Management and quality assurance
    /ISO 9001, 1994/ Quality Systems-Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing
    /ISO 9001-3, 1991/ Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards - Part 3: Guidelines for the application of ISO_9001 to the development, supply and maintenance of software
    /ISO 9126, 1991/ Information Technology, Software Product Evaluation, Quality, Characteristics and Guidelines for their Use
    /ISO 10011, 1989/ Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems
    /ISO 12207, 1995/ Information Technology - Software life cycle processes
    /Rahhal, 1996/ Estimating the Effort of Implementing ISO 9001 in Software Organizations
    /Taylor I., 1992/ Using SPL to Model ISO 9000

    NATO standards:
    /AQAP-110/ Qualitätssicherungsforderungen für Entwicklung, Konstruktion und Produktion
    /AQAP-150/ Qualitätssicherungsforderungen für Software-Entwicklung

    Switzerland standards:
    /HERMES, 1995/ HERMES: Führung und Abwicklung von Informatikprojekten

    General about standards:
    /Blind, 1999/ The Influence of Innovation and Standardisation on Macroeconomic Development: The Case of Germany
    /Buxmann, 1999/ The Standardization Problem - An Economic Analysis of Standards in Information Systems
    /Cargill, 1999a/ Consortia and the Evolution of Information Technology Standardization
    /Cargill, 1999b/ A Proposal for a Web Based Standardization Process
    /Choh, 1999a/ Governance Mechanisms of Standard-Making in the Information Technology
    /Choh, 1999b/ Innovation and Standardization in Technological Trajectories : A Schumpeterian Perspective and Three Models of Standardization in the Information Technology Industry
    /Downe, 1999/ Progress towards web-based Electronic Committees in the CEN/INES project (Internet Network for European Standardization)
    /Emmerich, 1998/ Software Process - Standards, Assessments and Improvements
    /Emmerich, 1999/ Managing Standards Compliance
    /Fomin, 1999/ The Process of Standard Making: Equilibrium and Transformation in Social Networks
    /Iversen, E., 1999/ Standardization and Intellectual Property Rights: ETSI's controversial search for new IPR procedures
    /Jakobs, 2000/ Information Technology Standards and Standardization: A Global Perspective
    /Krechmer, 1999/ Technical Communications Standards: New Directions in Innovation
    /Krechmer, 1998/ The Principles of the Open Standards
    /Magee S., 1997/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications
    /Magee S., 1998/ Guide to Standards and Specifications for : Designing Web Software
    /Magee S., 1999a/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications - Book One: Software Development and Maintenance Standards
    /Magee S., 1999b/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications - Book Two: Standards for Software Development Supporting Processes
    /Magee S., 1999c/ Guide to Software Engineering Standards and Specifications - Book Three: Standards for Software Development Using Tools and Techniques
    /Mähönen, 2000/ The standardization process in IT - Too slow or too fast?
    /Monteiro, 1999/ Developing corporate infrastructure: implications for international standardization
    /Minski, 1989/ Law-governed software processes
    /Moore, 1998/ Software Engineering Standards: A User's Road Map
    /Moore, 1997/ U.S. Software Lifecycle Process Standards
    /Purper, 1999c/ An Environment to support flexibility in process standards
    /Purper, 1999d/ Process Web-Centre: a Learning Environment for Software Process Standards
    /Purper, 1999e/ GDPA: a Learning Environment for Software Process Standards
    /Purper, 2000/ Transcribing Process Model Standards into Meta-Processes
    /Schoechle, 1999/ Toward a Theory of Standards
    /Sheard, 1998/ Systems Engineering Standards and Models Compared
    /Spring, 1999/ Usability of a Collaborative Authoring System for Standards Development: Preferences, Problems, and Prognosis
    /Vercoulen, 1999/ Aspects of Standardisation Standard Selection Modes in Dynamic, Complex Industries: Creating Hybrids between Market Selection and Negotiated Selection of Standards
    /Verlage, 1997b/ Formalizing Software Engineering Standards
    /Walli, 1999/ Posix: A Case Study in a Successful Standard Or, why We Donít Need Radical Change in the SDO Process
    /Wang Y., 1999c/ An Unified Framework for the Software Engineering Process System Standards and Models
    /Wende, 1999/ Experiences and Positions of the DIN IT Standards Committee
    /West, 1999a/ Organizational Decisions for I.T. Standards Adoption: Antecedents and Consequences

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