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    /Felici, 2001/ Requirements Evolution from Process to Product Oriented Management
    /MacCornack, 2001/ Product-Development Practices that Work: How Internet Companies Build Software

    /Mohsen, 2000/ Managing Engineering a Product Technology - A Method for Technology Assessment
    /Pfahl, 2000/ Using Simulation to Visualise and Analyse Product-Process Dependencies in Software Development Projects

    /Bicego, 1999/ A Product focused Process Improvement: Experiences of Applying the PROFES Improvement Methodology at Dräger
    /Birk, 1999a/ A Validation Approach for Product-Focused Process Improvement
    /Donzelli, 1999/ Software Process Simulator for Software Product and Process Improvement
    /Ebert, 1999/ Integrating Process Improvement and Product Engineering
    /van Latum, 2000/ Product Driven Process Improvement PROFES Experiences at Dräger
    /Van Solingen, 1999b/ Product Focused Process Improvement in the Embedded Systems Industry
    /Van Solingen, 1999c/ Tailoring product focused SPI

    /Joeris, 1997e/ Characterization of Integrated Process and Product Management

    /ECSS Q 80, 1996/ ECSS-Q80 - Software Product Assurance Standard
    /Sutton, 1996/ Product Families and Process Families

    /Tankoano, 1994/ Software Process Design Based on Products and the Object Oriented Paradigm
    /Trillium, 1994/ Trillum: Model for Telecom Product Development & Support Process Capability

    /Nakagawa, 1992/ Process versus Product, Abstraction and Formalism: A Personal Perspective

    /Futatsugi, 1990/ Product-centered process description = algebraic specification of environment + SCRIPT
    /Huff, 1990/ On the relationship between software processes and software products
    /Perry, 1990/ Policy and product-directed process instantiation

    /Nakagawa, 1989/ Product-based process models

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