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    /Ellmer, 1996a/ Extending Process-Centered Environments with Organizational Competence
    /Emmerich, 1996b/ Do Process-Centred Environments Deserve Process-Centred Tools?

    /Kaba, 1995/ Transients Change Processes in Process Centered Environments
    /Valetto, 1995/ Enveloping "Persistent" Tools for a Process-Centered Environment

    /Alloui, 1996/ Support for Environment-Mediated Human Cooperation in Large-Scale Reuse-Based Projects
    /Canals, 1994/ ALF: A Framework for Building Process-Centred Software Engineering Environments
    /Lonchamp, 1994/ A Process-Centered Framework for Asynchronous Collaborative Work
    /Montangero, 1994/ OIKOS: Constructiong process-centered sdes
    /Snowdon, 1994/ An Introduction to Process-Centered Environments

    /Derniame, 1993/ About software process centered environments
    /Fernström, 1993b/ State models and protocols in process-centered environments
    /Peuschel, 1993/ Architectural Support for distributed process centered software development environments
    /Wolf, 1993b/ Process-Centered Environments (Only) Support Environment-Centered Processes

    /Emmerich, 1992/ Suitable Databases for Process-Centered Environments Do not yet Exists

    /Barghouti, 1991/ Concurrency control in rule-based process-centered environments
    /Inuoue, 1991/ Design and Implementation of Process-Centered Environments based on Process Language PDL and Formal Grammar

    /Heimbigner, 1990/ Proscription versus prescription in process-centered environments
    /Oquendo, 1990/ Building object and process-centered software environments on the PCTE public tool interface
    /Osterweil, 1990/ The architecture of the Arcadia-1 process centered software environment
    /Sutton, 1990/ Language Constructs for Managing Change in Process-Centered Environments

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