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    Assembling Reusable Components Reusability


    /Coppit, 2000/ Multiple Mass Market Applications as Components
    /Crnkovic, 2000/ A Case Study: Demands on Component-based Development
    /Hayes, J., 2000/ Component Design of Retargetable Program Analysis Tools that Reuse Intermediate Representations
    /Mehta, 2000/ Towards a Taxonomy of Software Connectors
    /Rausch, 2000/ Software Evolution in Componentware Using Requirements/Assurances Contracts
    /Wijnstra, 2000/ Supporting Diversity with Component Frameworks as Architectural Entities

    /Bolusset, 1999/ Software Component-based federations architectures are software architectures too
    /Fierz, 1999/ The CIP Method: Component- and Model-Based Construction of Embedded Systems
    /Fischer_C, 1999/ Introduction of a Process Model for Object-Oriented, Component-Oriented Software Development at AXIOMA Information Systems
    /Harmon, 1999/ Automated Testing of Component-based Software
    /Hauswirth, 1999/ A Component and Communication Model for Push Systems
    /Hilerio, 1999/ Herbal-T, Enabling Integration, Interoperability, and Reusability of Internet Components
    /Jarzabek, 1999/ Synergy between Component-based and Generative Approaches
    /Rege, 1999/ Design Patterns for Component-Oriented Software Development
    /Tiako, 1999b/ Modelling Trusted Process Components for Distributed Software Development
    /Tortorella, 1999/ A Reading-based Scenario for Characterising and Exploiting Process Components
    /Valerio, 1999b/ Component-based domain engineering: an industrial experience

    /Bergner, 1998/ A Componentware Methodology Based on Process Patterns

    /Kaiser, 1996/ On the Yellow Brick Road to Component-based Product Lines

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